Mysteries Beyond the Open Gate® with David Van Koevering - Part 1

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Sometimes you just have a knowing in your spirit that says, "There is more to this than you know". That is what spurred me on to film this series, Mysteries Beyond the Open Gate®.

I had been hearing so much about a guy named David Van Koevering. I found out he lived only about 2 hours from my wife and I. We had a mutual friend who connected us with David and the filming began. We became fast friends. Over the next several months I would film at his house when he was feeling well, you see David was in his last days and we did not know it. My company Ken Shaw Films was the honored by Father God to film him before he passed.

We recorded so much material that we had to make 2 different documentaries. This is part one and these are the questions that David addresses in this video...

PLEASE NOTE: This is an online documentary. (Not a DVD or download - you can watch this here or over on Youtube)

PART 1 includes topics such as:

  • What is Quantum Physics?
  • What does we are not local mean?
  • What records your voice and intent?
  • What is important about influence?
  • How does intent effect your life and those around you?
  • How to effect your life and those around you?
  • Why you can’t fake it till you make it!
  • Can you be in two places at one time?
  • Time, Matter and Memory!
  • Invisible = Spiritual Matters
  • What is “Popping a Quiff”?
  • How a Quantum Wave function becomes real!
  • Explaining Quantum Physics with Spiritual Applications!
  • Be careful what you focus on, good or bad!
  • Blessing and Cursing comes out of the same mouth.
  • How to change your circumstances?
  • Waves and Particles, what about them?
  • All about light and why it matters.
  • Your brain is wired for _________
  • Where do great ideas come from?
  • What has a frequency?
  • Time is ____
  • Everything is motion, ______ & _______
  • What really is an invention?

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Incredible teachings from the late David Van Koevering. Watch this anytime via online here or on our Youtube Channel! (This is not a DVD or downloadable) PART 1 = 1 Hour

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Mysteries Beyond the Open Gate® with David Van Koevering - Part 1

0 ratings
I want this!